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Cryo and Chill


Whole body Cryotherapy is a 100% safe and natural modality where users have experienced a significant decrease in inflammation, weight loss, reduced pain and simply feel their overall health improve. During a Cryotherapy session, blood rushes through the core as a counter effect to the skin's surface reacting to the extreme freezing (yet comfortable) temperature. In turn, the natural effect increases oxygenation and nutrients with the blood which flush toxins, reduce inflammation and accelerate the body's natural recovery. (It sounds intense, but it's a blast - trust us!)

Compression Therapy

Rapid Reboot utilizes dynamic compression technology to speed up your body's natural healing processes by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular repair and protein synthesis, boosting lymphatic drainage to relieve inflammation and reduce swelling, and mobilizes toxins such as lactic acid. 


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